3:05 Cafecito

JLPR has embarked on the ambitious task to make 3:05 the official time for cafecito of Miami-Dade County! 

The idea came about to unify the Cuban coffee culture and create and on-line community that would enjoy sharing this mutual love for Miami's nectar. You don't need to be Cuban to enjoy it or even from Miami but Cuban coffee drinkers understand the culture. The window of a Cuban restaurant is the original social network. It is where, on any hot afternoon, you might find a relative, an old friend, the Mayor of Miami or Dwayne Wade. Sharing a coloda is an act of friendship and solidarity. What is Miami without cafecito?

Because we are a proud city that loves cafecito, we feel it is appropriate that 3:05 be proclaimed Miami’s Official Cafecito Break Time. All over Miami, Cuban Cafecito time is catching on! So Miami, let’s kick that “2:30 feeling” at 3:05. Join us as we create a movement of caffeinated awesomeness!

Help by liking 3:05 Cafecito Break on Facebook or following @305Cafecito on Twitter. Until then, nos vemos en la ventanita. 

For more information, please visit www.305cafecito.com.